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Protein Shakes

You cannot restrict your CARBS when having Protein Shakes. – You have to watch out of excessive amounts of JUNK, FAT, BAD STUFF that’s not good for your body.

Which PROTEIN SHAKES to avoid?

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Which Protein Shakes?

Protein Shakes is the way to go

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How Protein Shakes Help Women To Burn Fat, Not Bulk Up

A recent article from Huffington Post suggests “When it comes to getting fit, protein shakes aren’t quite the first thing that spring to mind. For most of us, these are the domain of bodybuilders or gym fanatics who measure out their peas and weigh their chicken breasts.”

Why you need to stay away from those Generic Brand PROTEIN SHAKES.

Since they are loaded up with sugar and fat, you do not want all this preservative infused pre-made protein shakes. The best way to Burn Fat and Lean up is by having the higher quality protein shakes.  Don’t mess around with your body by taking in crap.  Make sure it’s actually doing what your body will need to further improve yourself.

The question you may be asking is: Which Protein Shakes are right for what I’m trying to accomplish?

This is a tricky one, and so for this reason, there are going to be a series of questions we can ask you that will help tailor what shakes that you may be suggesting your body composite may desire.

Make your protein shake in the morning and it will keep you happy until Lunch.

Lunch is when you can have protein packed food with a sensible set of vegetables, green salad, and some iced tea with no sugar.  Maybe a splash of freshly squeezed lemonade if you want a flavor.

Don’t just rely on having protein shakes every meal!

Protein Shakes are definitely great as long as you don’t add sugar

Sugar is the problem, and you want to avoid adding excess amounts of sugars in your Protein Shakes. Protein Shakes full of protein, and little banana, not too many fats, are good.


Are Protein Shakes daily good for a person? How many shakes per day?

Yes, moderate Protein Shakes are good if a person is unable to get other sources of protein, such as QUINOA, or MEATS, CHICKENS, FISH.


Protein Shakes are becoming more commonly consumed by Teens, in order to bulk up and stay toned, fit, and feeding the muscles.

Evolve into this


Low carbohydrates protein shakes help you lose weight


Do Protein Shakes with high carbohydrates make a person gain weight?



Pranut Butter Low Carb Banana Protein Shakes


Vegetables have protein as well


Wheat Grass has protein.


too many unburned carbohydrates is what makes a person gain weight


Drink a protein shake instead of snacking on chips


Protein Shakes are good for lean building muscle and losing weight


What is “soy protein”?

Soy protein is generally regarded as the storage protein held in discrete particles called protein bodies, which are estimated to contain at least 60–70% of the total soybean protein.




What is “whey protein”?

Whey protein is a mixture of globular proteins isolated from whey, the liquid material created as a by-product of cheese production. Some preclinical studies in rodents have suggested that whey protein may possess anti-inflammatory or anti-cancer properties; however, human data is lacking.


What are “protein shakes”?

Protein shakes are high in protein  and are in a drink format, used by sports, active, people, fitness enthusiasts, body builders and people trying to lose weight. They are used to support their exercise program because they help to repair muscles and replace energy lost by the body during training. For those trying to lose weight, they are sometimes used to replace meals or as a healthy snack alternative. They come in a variety of flavors and varying levels of protein, fat and carbohydrates.